Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Its a crazy feeling when you no longer know yourself any more, tryna re-introduce yourself, wondering who you were before .
Thinking bout all the little manciple things that once made you, YOU.
Changing like faces that once back stabbed you.
So now what are you left to do, when the connections don't connect anymore, when the smile is no longer obtained , nothing to gain .. so you drift ..not giving.. but shouldn't you give rather you receive anything in the end? True, but riches are always a mans best friend right?
stumbling stumbling stumbling.. doing things you said you'll never do .. my friend no matter how fast you convince yourself to run those mistakes will always be apart of you.
Looking in the mirror now pains you, because those eyes know the secrets that unlock you....
Embarrassed to look in the face of others, buy why? they cant even recognize you.
pardon me, when I ask you this.. I promise no rudeness intended..
but WHO. ARE. YOU?

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