Wednesday, August 3, 2011



What are your expectations? When will you live without expiration..
Exceeding past limitation, I'm saying live out loud, past all this hateration,
That seems to only become more toxic with each generation...
Never living as a number, more than a rating.
Its hard to push when it seem like everyone is now dating hatred..
Walking and thinking like the living dead..
We don't love no more, living like a hungry bird just trying to get bread...
We don't hug no more, fist and bullets do the speaking instead..
We don't dance no more, we'd rather bob our head....
Too cool...
Cool? did anyone school..
ABC's been replaced with "mother-fucks" and "screw you's"
Teacher teacher who's you?
FUCK  a blue's clue, I'd rather watch a Black African queen expose her mom,
Who use to be a fiend on national t.v..
I'd rather watch the next cool teen giving birth at 16.
Stop man, when we realize the geometric shapes of the children we are now raising...
Disaster... Thats what the white man after.. Black people are no longer the minority..
Im talking to myself,because the last time I checked being black was hell.
An embarrassment to you, changing up your ethnicity every chance you get..
"Like what you talking bout?... I aint black.. Im MIXED...with Indian"...
Man come again?
Loving our enemies, and playing our friends like a game of monopoly...
See as I'm reciting this poetry.. you cant even look at me..
Playing with HIV, like please don't, please don't pick me..
Whew.. it skip me.... this time, now I can breath.
It's always easier said than done..
I rather be one difference than settle for none.

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